Magi is bringing back the magic of hemp.

For thousands of years, hemp was humanity's #1 fabric. Until some money-hungry men started a smear campaign against it in the 1920s. 

Henry Anslinger Film Ad "Reefer Madness"

These guys owned cotton, petroleum and paper companies, and were threatened by the potential of hemp to put them out of business. Today, these industries both rule and destroy the planet.

Cotton and polyester are now clothing's most universal fabrics, but they contribute to 70% of the fashion industry's emissions.

They're also not the healthiest for our skin or bodies.

Our founder, Nergiz, started Magi after suffering from multiple yeast infections and trying to find a more planet-friendly alternative to gyno-recommended cotton underwear.

She found hemp, and slowly discovered its magical properties. 

Hemp is more breathable than cotton and needs 80% less water. It's stronger than steel and gets softer with every wash. It cleans soil as it grows and sucks up more carbon than trees when it grows.

Hemp is the potion to fashion's pollution.

We want to show you hemp's plant power by starting with underwear, but we won't stop there. We want to bring it back into the mainstream, for the good of the planet.

Hemp only makes up 0.22% of the world's fabric production. Our mission is to increase that number. 

Hemp is a truly mind-blowing plant that will save the world. Magi is part of that journey, and so are you. 

Thank you for being here.



Want to go deeper into our founder Nergiz's story? Watch this TikTok.