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How do you pronounce Magi?

Thanks for asking! It's pronounced may-jai. Like the month of May, and the word "jive" 💃

What is your underwear made from?

Our fabric is made from a soft elixir of 53% organic hemp, 42% organic cotton and 5% lycra for stretch.

Our factory never adds chemicals to the process, instead spinning and weaving the fabrics and only using OEKO-TEX and GRS approved chemicals for dyeing and finishing.

Why hemp?

Because it's better for you:

  • More breathable than cotton
  • Gets softer each time you wash and wear it
  • Lasts ages, strong and durable (stronger than steel)
  • Antimicrobial, antifungal
  • UV protective

And it's better for the planet:

  • Removes 22 tonnes of carbon for every hectare planted (more than trees)
  • Uses 80% less water than cotton
  • Cleans soil of toxins
  • Bee-friendly
  • Doesn’t need pesticides or herbicides
  • Grows quickly, so it’s one of the fastest CO2-to-biomass conversion tools available

Where do your fabrics come from?

Our current fabric supplier is in China, which has invested a huge amount of technology into the production of hemp for about three decades.

China may have a bad rap, but they're putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to hemp production. This is great news for the planet.

The factory uses solar energy across their offices and factories, and they supply hemp fabric to ethical brands like Patagonia, Mara Hoffman and Eileen Fisher.

The textiles are GOTS, GRS, RCS, OCS, Bluesign, ISO9001, Fair Trade and BSCI certified and they've been audited by the Fair Wear Foundation.

Where is your clothing made?

We work with SMETA-certified factories in Portugal, the UK, and China.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the UK, US, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, and Australia.

You may be charged customs or duty fees so please check before you order. Borders are bleh. #FreeEarth

Let us know if you're elsewhere and we'll see what we can do. 

What will my order be packaged in?

We ship everything in compostable or recyclable packaging. Is there anything more magical than composting?

Can you explain your prices?

We may not be as cheap as buying a 5-pack of underwear from Target or M&S, and that’s mainly because hemp isn't mainstream yet. 

But it is a strong and durable fabric that's guaranteed to last longer than your other pairs.

Because we’re high quality, the cost per wear of our clothes will be lower than cheaper, lower quality garments.

Unless you're really good at looking after your clothes, in which case, kudos. <3

How long will my underwear last?

Did we mention hemp was magical?

It's a plant... that's as strong as steel. 🤯

It's so strong that humans used it for rope and sails for thousands of years. And companies are now using it to create hempcrete, an eco-friendly concrete alternative.

It doesn’t fray or lose its shape after hundreds of washes and wears. 

Unlike other underwear, which you’d be advised to throw away after a year or so, you will be able to enjoy magi underwear for years.