All about hemp

This is our hemp knowledge base! It contains all the information we've collected about hemp, complete with sources and articles.

Learn why we make our underwear with hemp, and how it's better for people and planet.

Is hemp better for the environment?

Hemp's planet-friendliness

Hemp absorbs carbon faster than trees

That's right. For every hectare of hemp planted, it absorbs 22 tonnes of CO2.

Planting around 2 football fields of hemp means 5 cars taken off the road for a whole year!

That's even faster than traditional forests, which absorb around 11 tonnes of CO2 per hectare.

Hemp cleans soil of toxins

Hemp cultivation is great for soil. It doesn't need pesticides or herbicides to grow, and it improves soil structure.

It's also been shown to clean soil of toxins like chemical nitrogen, reducing runoff into nearby waterways.

Hemp is friendly to bees and pollinators

Hemp flowers from July to September, (when other plants usually don't) providing much needed pollen for pollinators.

More hemp planted means more bees saved.

Hemp uses 80% less water than cotton

Hemp can grow in almost any climate, whereas cotton is usually grown in water-scarce regions.

It uses 80% less water than cotton.

Hemp is stronger than steel

Being strong is an incredible pro for a clothing fabric. It means the clothing lasts longer, so you don’t need to buy as often.

It doesn’t develop holes or pilling the way cotton or polyester might.

Is hemp better for your skin and body?

Hemp's human-friendliness

Hemp is naturally antimicrobial and antifungal

Fight the yeast infection without the prescription! Where polyester traps bacteria near your skin, hemp actively gets rid of that nasty buildup.

This study found hemp even reduced the Candida fungus, which is responsible for those dreaded yeast infections.

Hemp is more breathable than cotton

When compared with just cotton, a cotton and hemp fabric blend is around 25% more breathable.

Another reason to choose hemp underwear over pure cotton.

Hemp wicks moisture at a higher rate than cotton

If you work out a lot or do anything that requires sweating, hemp underwear is a great choice.

This study found that a hemp and cotton blend was 25% more breathable than pure cotton fabric.

Hemp gets softer with each wash and wear

This is anecdotal, and there haven't been any studies done on it, but it's worth mentioning.

Far from being a scratchy fabric, hemp (especially when blended with cotton) is a wonderfully soft and butter fabric.

It also gets softer as you wash and wear it. It's truly magical.

Hemp is UV-protective

If you want to wear your hemp underwear to the beach, you can rest assured that your areas will be protected from the sun.

Hemp offers superior UV protection (50+) according to this study.

Hemp's fascinating past


How drug laws led to Billie Holiday's death

Billie Holiday's powerful performance of Strange Fruit, lyrics about the horrifying effects of white supremacy, hit a nerve among powerful elites.

Harry Anslinger, the guy responsible for the outlawing of hemp, was said to have relentlessly pursued Holiday. She was hounded by the authorities so much that it is said to have contributed to her untimely death.