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Bikini Briefs

Bikini Briefs

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Our bikini briefs are designed to move with your body comfortably - you won't even know they're there. These are slightly high-waisted with a stretchy elastic, so they sit comfortably at the hip. Undies your gyno and the planet approve of.

53% hemp / 42% organic cotton / 5% spandex

Gets softer with each wash

4x more breathable than cotton

Antimicrobial + antifungal

Made to last, because hemp is stronger than steel (yes, really). 

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    The potion to fashion's pollution...

    ...lies in the magic of hemp

    Carbon negative fabric

    70% of the emissions in the fashion industry come from the production of materials like traditional cotton and polyester.

    For every hectare of hemp planted, 22 tonnes of CO2 are absorbed.

    That's more CO2 than it takes to produce and process the fabric. Seriously.

    Cleans soil as it grows

    Hemp cultivation is great for soil. It doesn't need pesticides or herbicides to grow, and it improves soil structure.

    It's also been shown to clean soil of toxins like chemical nitrogen, reducing runoff into nearby waterways.


    Hemp flowers from July to September, (when other plants usually don't) providing much needed pollen for pollinators.

    More hemp planted means more bees saved.

    Saves water

    Hemp can grow in almost any climate, where cotton is usually grown in water-scarce regions. It uses 80% less water than cotton.

    Let's bring hemp back.

    Hemp only makes up 0.22% of global fabric production. With your support, we can increase that number.